Day 147: May 27, 2014

Thankfulness for Lord of the Rings

Yep. It’s my favorite book. Hands down.

The first time I read it was when the first book was made into a movie. I have a general rule, which I try to follow: If I’m going to see a movie that was made from a book, I need to read the book first. I feel that I get cheated out of celebrating my own imagination regarding what the characters and settings look like when I see a movie then read the book. I can’t get the movie’s images from my mind.

That was back in 2001 while I was preggers with Thomas. Since then, I read the trilogy every Christmas Break. I never get tired of it.

It was that very book, which is worn and torn, that I stored letters to my kids in which I had written in the hospital three years ago before I went in for my scary surgery to remove Crusty the Colon Tumor. I wanted them to have something that was positive from me in case something went wrong during surgery. Devon and I spent a bit of time alone together in the prep room talking to each other about deep and important things. I told him before I went into surgery: “I want you to know that I forgive you. For everything.” He cried and said: “You can take that back after you recover.” But I meant it. I really did. Then I told him that if something happened to me, “there are letters to each of the kids stored in my favorite book.” He knew what I meant.

I gave those letters to the kids in their Christmas stockings the following year. They still have them in their treasure boxes. I’m glad they got to read them after everything turned out okay.

I was reminded of that special love I have for them tonight. I was resting on the People Puddle and helping Thomas sort through his homework. He started to work and while he did, he didn’t realize I was staring at him. For several minutes.

He is reading the very book that has come to mean so much more to me. It’s not just a favorite book. It stored my loving words for them for a year after my first bout with cancer.

I loved that moment, watching him sort through the words that I have read so many times. He took the book to school with him last week and asked the librarian to repair the parts that were falling apart. I think he told me that he had done that at least 15 times over the last week, as though he knew how important it was to me. It was like his little show of love for his momma.

When I snapped this picture, he said: “Mom! Don’t post that on Facebook!”

Sorry, Son. I need to share this with everyone.

Love, Hobbit FeetThomasReadingLOTR


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