Day 142: May 22, 2014

friends-friendship-life-never-alone-favim-com-529930Thankfulness for ………….?

I’ve been racking my brain, trying to find something profound to be thankful for so I can get some writing in today, which is a goal of mine since I started this 365 Days of Thankfulness as a way to keep my head on straight and to document my journey this time around with cancer.

I got nothin’.

I’m not necessarily in a negative head-space, but I think my brain is just fried from this round. I woke up feeling extra crappy today, and no wonder: I was dehydrated apparently, even though I drink bunches of water, and my kidney function has something going on with it. I don’t know what it is, but if I had to guess, my left kidney is probably having a tough time processing all of the drugs and poison I have going through my body. My left kidney was the one that was operated on and had a gnarly tumor wrapped around part of it. It was quite a delicate surgery and it probably isn’t very happy that it’s being taxed right now.

I have an appointment for an ultrasound of it tomorrow, so I will know more soon.

In the meantime, what to be thankful for? Hmmm…

Well, my bestie is back home a day early from her cross-country trip to see her kids Brenn and Richard… which she had a blast doing. I didn’t realize how much I missed Teresa until I saw her hovering over my People Puddle with her creepy stare as I opened my eyes from a deep sleep. She is the bees knees and truly a blessing. I already feel better just having her here at The Rave Infirmary.

So, I think I will make her what I am thankful for today. There’s just something about having your best friend with you when you’re not doin’ so well. Also, Marijke was here last night to take care of me and Alecia will be here in a few to stay over.

I am not alone. And I’m so thankful for the love.

Love, Never Alone


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