Day 135 & 136: May 16, 2014

Thankfulness for No Religion, Too

Just throwin’ this article out there:

Brenn Baker did a nice job of giving us a glimpse into her thoughts on religion and it made me think about my own ideas on the subject… where I’ve been, how I got to where I am today and how far I’ve come.

My thinking is SO different than it used to be. In fact, sometimes the thoughts that go through my mind these days on belief, faith and religious practices make me smile and feel like a giant facepalm. Some of these things are the EXACT things I used to judge people on and think: Oh those poor lost people. They aren’t in line with Scripture and they say they’re Christians and they don’t even realize they’re going to hell if they don’t change their thinking; no wonder X X and Y are happening to them… God is trying to get their attention; God has put me in their path to help them realize the Truth; I’m feeling led by the Holy Spirit to speak truth into their life; oh! they need to come to MY church because theirs is way too liberal and not Biblically accurate; a true Christian would never vote for someone who is a Democrat; “the Gay Agenda” is trying to ruin my children and is trying to take over our nation which was formed based on Christian principles; blah blah blah.

I’m telling you, I really used to think that way.

Many of the people I hung around with thought this way. (Please note, I said many, not all.)

And anyone who thought differently wasn’t as enlightened as I was and was somehow to be pitied and prayed for.

Oh the lost! Oh the signs of the times! Oh how horrible our country is becoming and God is going to punish us.

Oh, and by the way, Emily, you can’t divorce Devon because he says he isn’t cheating on you and God only allows for divorce in the case of adultery and really, you want a divorce because you just want to go out and sin yourself.

Yep. That was the day where all of a sudden… the shite I had been a part of crumbled. These words were spoken by a very godly woman, whose husband also believed those things; whom I trusted and loved and expected to not be judged by.

Bye bye religion. I wanted nothing to do with THAT and I really had to be humbled to realize that I was JUST LIKE THAT myself.

And today, I’m still picking up the pieces, throwing away many, but keeping the ones that are good, genuine and a reflection of Jesus and the Letters in Red.

I still have to sort through these pieces everyday in my mind. I wrestle with judging people in horrible ways because I used to do that and justify it with the phrases “speaking the truth in love” and “love the sinner, hate the sin” (which makes so angry when I hear them now). I am glad I’m not technically in that place anymore, but old habits die hard and every once in awhile I catch myself going there. I also have a hard time with the idea of “if I do this, this and this I will earn” God’s favor or keep punishment from happening or receive special blessings… is cancer some sort of sign I’ve fallen away from God? Am I going to be fulfilled in a relationship with a man if he isn’t a Christian? yada yada yada.


It feels so good when I keep myself from those things. But years of thinking that way can take years to change it into where I really want to be.

Feel free to leave Brenn a comment under her blog and comment under this post. Tell me what your thoughts are on religion below as far as your experience.

And know that I love you. No strings. No judgements. No agendas.

Just love.

Love, Imagine All The People

P.S. Thank you to my Nephew, Brenn, for being my muse today. You pretty much Rock the Casbah.john lennon 5


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