Day 133: May 13, 2014

Thankfulness for Tuesdays

Tuesday is trash day in my neighborhood. Sometimes I look at garbage collectors while they’re doin’ their thing and think: Thank God they are doing this. I wouldn’t want to do their thankless job. And if they didn’t do it? We would look a Third World country and life would be gross.

Garbage collectors are taken for granted. I usually think it’s teachers who are under appreciated. But compared to them, we have it good. Yes, I put up with a stinky classroom. By the end of the day, students will walk into my room with disgust on their faces because when a small space is filled with teenagers all day long, the B.O. smells and lack of hygiene stench is enough to make you gag and baby-barf a little.

But garbage collectors? I can’t even imagine the stuff and stink they have to deal with.

But they aren’t the only reason I am thankful for Tuesdays. I am thankful for Tuesdays because it reminds me of a more metaphorical garbage that I get to dispose of:

The garbage in my brain and body is usually gone from the previous week of chemo.

Today, Tuesday, is the day I finally feel 100% better. I wake up with a smile. I wake up with energy. I wake up with giving my kids a big hug because they are with me for the week and get to experience the best of Mommy. I wake up and think: This is the day that I have been looking forward to since LAST Tuesday while trying to be patient, waiting for a healed body.

One Tuesday sucks, but the next rocks. What a dichotomy!

And so I tackle my day like I need to make the most of life until the following Tuesday where I have to start all over again, waiting for the next Tuesday to come.

Tuesdays are trash days. Tuesdays are great days at the Rave Infirmary, every other week.

Thank a garbage collector whenever you see them. And thank the Universe for everything that is good in your world, especially that you got to wake up today and be healthy.

8 done. 4 more to go. I can do this!

Love, Tuesday Morning


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