Day 132: May 12, 2014

Thankfulness for Real People Who Really Help Others

On hold with Unemployment Office.

It’s a good thing I have lots of time on my hands.

Without going into all the details, it’s good thing Devon has my back. They continue to object to my unemployment, even though I meet and exceed all the requirements. I’ve been above board, done my due diligence, and they send BS denial letters to me that have NO truth in them. They didn’t even interview my previous employer and objected on false statutes, when they said they were going to interview them next. Liars.

And when I went to file last week and was actually able to CLAIM some income because of subbing ($40… whoopty-do), they re-opened EVERY objection they originally had. I am so fracking pissed at a system that lets so many people lie and cheat, get benefits, and then there’s me: a teacher, a single mom with cancer, who has borrowed absurd amounts of money in loans to make something of herself and provide for her family with a Masters Degree, who is temporarily out of work, had to wait for 3 months to become officially employed with WCSD Sub office (even though I am a state licensed teacher) because of their racketeering (which I willingly accepted because there was nothing I could do about it), who has work waiting for her when she is done with chemo, is capable of working right now and could really use the GD money to LIVE.

I hope I get a day for a hearing. Rainshadow is on board with me and doing what they can, yet our unemployment system is calling the shots. I’m glad Devon will be with me, otherwise my fliptop head will go all kinds of crazy on them. And while I have expressed SOME of the main issues with this, I still have to be careful calling entities on their ka-ka because I’m afraid of getting blacklisted. These entities (including insurance) just wait for people to give up. I don’t think they realize who they’re dealing with.

Wow. Teachers sure are valued in our society. When I get though all this crap, I’m going to write a huge long treatise calling people and our systems out. That’s what I want to do anyway. But then there’s the Fear Factor.

So much for my Thankfulness post the other day of gratefulness for living here, even though things aren’t perfect. I think I need to read that again.

And in the end, I am so grateful for the generosity of others who are helping take care of me and my Three Little Birds. Real people have got it going on, not some recorded crud while I’ve been on old now for 53 minutes.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

Love, Trusting in the Heart of Real PeopleAlienFacePalm

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