Day 125: May 5, 2014

Thankfulness for Memes

I often find myself scouring the interwebs for memes. Man! The creativity and imagination of people amazes me. I often find memes that blow my mind and make me jealous, wishing I had thought of it first.

The meme I attached here really spoke to me. Many of you know my thoughts on Christianity and homosexuality. I’m not shy these days about sharing my experience I had with the Church, with some Christians, and with Scripture. I do not consider myself a theologian or right all the time. But I know enough of all of those things based on experience, and I have been felt led to speak up more so than usual.

When I think of Jesus, I only feel and think about Love, Sacrifice and Perfection. This is why I try to focus only these days on what he said and did, according to the letters in red in scripture. While the rest of scripture is rich and I have loved every epistle and book written in the past, I find it difficult to accept some things that were written and held as sacred (and sometimes more so) than the things that are attributed to Jesus’ actual words and actions.

So, what did Jesus say about homosexuals and religion? NOTHING on homosexuality. Nothing. Religion? He was generally very critical of religion, religious people and justifications that were given by religious people for despicable actions and thoughts. He loved everyone. Did he hang with “sinners?” Yep. All the time. Did he associate with those whom religious people saw as unclean and unworthy of Love? Yep. All the time. Did he get angry and call people out? Yep. All the time.

I am not Jesus. Not even close. But by focusing on the letters in red, I feel confident to call out injustice, even by the Church. Sometimes especially by the Church, due to my own experiences. Do I do it perfectly? Do I stick my foot in my mouth and eat crow? All the time. But trying to love people like Jesus did is beautiful, and I’m glad I had to be humbled to truly understand how I WASN’T doing that. I still get humbled all the time, but the biggy stuff happened and I am so thankful.

So, I try to check myself before I wreck myself by remembering the letters in Red. And I will do my best to make judgements about what I read, hear and feel according to those letters, especially when it comes to relationships and injustice.

Thanks, Jesus, for setting the example.

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