Day 118 & 119: April 29, 2014

Thankfulness for NO Television

Yesterday was the first day of my week with all three of my kids. I did have the girls this weekend without Thomas, since he was at a Football camp with Coach Rod, but I was quite preoccupied with the two fundraisers that were going on. (BTW, thank you Aura Salon & Spa and 5 Star Saloon/Our Hearts, Our Families, Our Community/Jed Spendlove for the awesomesauce you poured over my family and me.)

“NO T.V.!” was the proclamation yesterday… and I am so glad I put my foot down.

We laughed. We talked. We learned new stuff together. The kids helped each other with their homework.

The conversations we had were awesome. They included practicing the Preamble, breaking down the vocabulary/understanding of the First Amendment, talking about the value of the dollar by using Holden from Catcher In The Rye and the prostitute scenario, playing a guessing game about the population of all kinds of countries (I seriously sucked at it and it made the kids laugh), and just general silly antics.

I was full of love listening to them. My life is so wonderful because they are in it. And I’m so glad I said no T.V. because all of the stuff above wouldn’t have happened and my love tank wouldn’t have become so full.

Love, The T.V. Nazi… “No T.V. for You!”NoTV


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