Day 111 & 112: April 21, 2014

Thankfulness for the Woodwork

Contrary to what many people say and think, people do NOT suck.

Sure. Some people do. But I contend that when given the opportunity to shine, help and be generous, people will come out of the woodwork and do their thing by blessing others. That’s been my experience so far, anyway.

All of you know about my plight with finances and my chemo treatments, and I intentionally asked for help and spread the word about my fundraiser Wig Out! last month and about my Gofundme page. I still have people giving to that fund, and it’s taken on a life of it’s own. I am constantly wowed at the generosity and unselfishness of others. I hope that someday I will be able to give to all kinds of people and causes. Sure, I give my time to things, which is valuable, but money is what people often need, and on my teacher salary, I’m definitely not a philanthropist.

But maybe someday I will be. I’m hoping this book I’m writing comes to fruition and gives me all kinds of financial freedom to set up scholarship funds and give generously to people in need.

Until then, I will restate my awe at people who have created events without me asking that will help out my Three Little Birds and me. They have crawled out of the woodwork and shown just how awesome people really can be.

This week alone, there will be two fundraisers that will be held in our area that will benefit the Reese’s and Their Pieces. The third one will be in the middle of May.

Drag queen shows are an absolute hoot and an amazing thing to behold. My sweet friend Jed Spendlove, along with Tammy Borde and Juli Green of the non-profit group Our Hearts, Our Families, Our Community, is putting on a star studded show at the 5 Star Saloon called “All That Glitters.” It’s coming up THIS Saturday night, April 26th, starting at 10 p.m., and as things like this go, it may end with the sunrise. Some of the funds raised will go toward me and my kids. Even though it is a recovery weekend for me from chemo which starts tomorrow, I’m going to make an appearance and have a little fun… Cancer be damned! I would love to see you there. Here’s the link to the event. Go to it! I PROMISE you will have fun. All That Glitters Facebook Event Page.

The second one is this coming Sunday, April 27th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Aura Salon & Spa. You’ve all seen my awesome Smurfalicious hair, right? Heather McHenry is THAT girl and she works there, along with bunches of other cool peeps, like Christy River Fruhwirth. Well, this salon that I have been going to for many years is holding a Cut-A-Thon, which benefits my life. The place is an Aveda salon (and for those of you who don’t know, that is an amazing thing), and if you go there to get your hair cut/styled (at an amazingly reduced price for such a quality place), the money is going to help me, Maddie, Kate and Thomas out. The hairstylists are volunteering their time and NOW is the time to go get your locks looking hot. I think Channel 2 is even going to be there to cover it, so who knows? Maybe you can even get on T.V.!

The last fundraiser was a complete surprise to me. There is a bi-annual event that is held here in Reno called Marianarchy Reno. At this event, oodles of bands play for 2 days, auctions happen and some serious fun is had. They announced the recipients of next month’s event (Friday and Saturday, May 16th and 17th at Jub-Jub’s… and their new stage venue that they just built is AWESOME) includes me and a woman named Keely Davis. It is seriously a great time and I fully intend to enjoy the crap out of myself. Here is their Facebook event page, which is split into two different pages. The lineups so far look awesome, and my friend TheeReverend Rory Dowd is a super crazy, talented and fun emcee. Be careful not to fall of the stage this year, Rory… though I dare say the cane you had to use for awhile made you look uber dapper, more so than usual. Day 1 FB link: Marianarchy Day 1. Day 2 FB link: Marianarchy Day 2.

You see? There’s so many people coming out of the woodwork to show just how awesome humanity really can be. Being on the receiving end of the generosity is humbling and I can’t wait to be the one coming out of the woodwork when this is all over. It feels amazing to be so loved, and my life will forever be blessed and changed because of it.

Love, Woodworking Girl

[Whew! That was a long one! Thanks for hanging in there and reading to the end!]outofthewoodwork5StarFundraiserAuraSalonAdMarianarchy


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