Day 105: April 14, 2014

Thankfulness for Patience

It’s funny when people tell me in some form or another that I am patient. I don’t feel patient most of the time. Come to my house and witness my impatience with my kids. Even my students think I’m patient, which makes me laugh. I guess they can’t read my mind. My Inner Self is scary. Maybe I fake it at times, when deep down I’d like to force things to happen so I can keep the ball rolling and have things turn out how I want them to.

The image below reminded me of so many things. Like, I really don’t have the kind of control over people, attitudes and events that I’d love to have. Heck, I can barely control myself, so why do I think I can control others and be impatient with them?

Have you had the following experience? You think you know what needs to happen, so you try to force something by intentionally meddling… only to find that it wasn’t the best solution and it backfires on you? This happens to me more frequently than I’d like to admit.

Especially when my emotions are ruling my decisions to control, force or have things my way. What I do love, though, is that the Universe often intercedes and keeps my stupid impatient self from ruining the plans it has for me. I have seen this happen time and again, and a good example of this is when I have written an email or text and for some unknown reason, it fails to send. Every time that has happened it has saved me and the other person from heartache or unnecessary conflict.

The Universe usually only gives me about 2 blatant tries to get my attention (the message gets deleted on accident or doesn’t send), and if I continue to force it, It allows it to go through because sometimes… the best way for me to learn is through failure or getting my pride stomped on.

I have learned to be patient through these times and trust that the plans for me are beyond my understanding. The purest form of blessing is one that isn’t forced… it simply happens without any intervention of my own.

Learning how to be patient goes hand in hand with learning to trust that the Universe (or God, if that is how you look at it) has things in the works for your life… waiting on them while moving forward and being outward thinking is the way to those plans.

Going through what I went through with Devon started this process. Then Cancer. Twice. And I find it trickling down into all areas of my life, including all of the opportunities that have found their way to me. My big one coming up is trusting that my book will make it Big. I want it. The Universe knows I want it. And the process of writing it, starting 7 years ago, has caused me to be patient. Roadblocks were set in my way many times, which disappointed me each time, but then I found out the various reasons why.

I finally have a wonderful portfolio (published works, media coverage and followers) to back up my ability as a writer and to be transparent. If you all pray or offer small chickens as sacrifices to the publishing gods, please put me on your list. I need to practice this trust, patience and love for the Process that make things work perfectly. My goal is to have it ready for at least a true review by a big name in publishing by June. The message of my book is twofold: that the human spirit is strong with a base desire to survive and thrive, and that what has happened in my life will help and encourage others.

Thanks for reading this long post and all of the long Thankfulness posts I write. Everyone has a story worth telling, and everyone’s life can impact many people. I hold onto this idea, knowing that writing my life and all the nitty-gritty details will help someone to make it through their life with dignity, transparency, and their own story will inspire others… if they believe that their lives and experiences have purpose and meaning.

If we aren’t Living Life, Loving Life and Impacting Others, our lives aren’t as effectual as they could be. Live out loud. Trust in the process. Expect big things in life. And know that your life has meaning.

Love, Finding Patience in Nature’s ProcessAdoptNaturePatience

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