Day 104: April 13, 2014

Thankfulness for Sanctuary Sundays

What a beautiful morning, sitting out on my back porch, writing, drinking my coffee and now Kombucha, listening to the birds of spring.

It feels good to wake up and feel good. This round hasn’t been quite as bad as the last few, and I am so grateful.

It is really nice knowing that my Sunday will be filled with time with Teresa Wood, running to the nursery, cleaning up my porch and planting some beautiful flowers out here. I love making my porch my Sanctuary. It is more beautiful than church used to be for me many years ago. I am not knocking on Church, because I know it carries deep meaning for so many. But to be in the middle of nature and the heart of my home while being thankful for Creation and all that the Universe has blessed me with is indescribable.

Life is wonderful. While I didn’t feel the greatest, I slept well. I ate my corn on the cob last night, laughed at Family Guy and slept with the cool breeze blowing gently through my window last night while snuggling under my thick Mexican blanket which has cheesy tigers on it. I swear, it is one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given, besides that fluffy and soft bacon blanket that Deb Krueger made for me. Thank you, Woman! I love getting cool bacon themed packages in the mail. It feels like Christmas morning every time I go to the mail slot because of so any of you! I am loved.

Things are looking up with my unemployment issues, just so you know. I’ve checked off one hurdle that they objected to and am waiting on one more to be cleared. I have an interview with the WCSD Substitute Services tomorrow (finally), which I am forced to go through (including the training) even though I am a fully licensed and qualified/certified teacher with the State. It really is a racket, but I will endure it so that I can do the things I am good at by being in the presence of students who will fill my love tank. I will be able to start work during my feeling good days and I am eager to prove my worth, even in the middle of chemo.

Today, however, I will enjoy my lazy Sunday, taking comfort in the fact that the Universe is good and that I have been given this day to enjoy and make the most of what I’ve been given.

Being thankful for everything, even the ka-ka, creates an attitude of gratitude during this trial in my life, and all of you are a part of it!

Love, Happy Sunday Girlkeep-calm-and-have-a-lazy-sunday-1


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