Day 102 & 103: April 12, 2014

Thankfulness for Corn

It’s no big secret that I like bacon.

It should also be no surprise that I love corn on the cob. I am from Iowa, after all.

I’ll make this fairly short compared to other posts: I am hungry, truly hungry, after forcing myself to eat for the last few days, and there at the front of the store was CORN. It won’t beat the drippy, buttery sweet stuff in the late summer in Iowa, but it’ll do, donkey. It’ll do.

Shucked it. Gonna cook it. Gonna drench it in real butter with a crap ton of salt on it. And… I’m gonna eat all 6 ears that I bought.

No corn for you, Teresa! [insert soup nazi voice there]

I am thankful to be legitimately hungry. And I’m doubly thankful that there was corn available for the Freaky Iowa Girl.

Love, Midwestern at HeartsaveMeAPieceOfCornNacho

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