Emily Spills the Deets

On stage for the Risk! Live Storytelling show in Reno

On stage for the Risk! Live Storytelling show in Reno.

I was given the privilege and honor of being chosen to tell my side of the story with Devon coming out.  We have written about some of the details of it through the Reno Tahoe Tonight magazine, through HuffPost and through this website.

When Devon first came out about 9 years ago, there was nothing as far as help for me, the spouse of a husband coming out.  Really, there still is very little help.  While I am currently writing a book about our lives during that time, the only thing I can do to help the spouse of the Mixed Orientation Marriage, is to encourage the other side that they WILL be okay.  It’s a tough burden to carry and by facing it head on in all of its intricacies, a person can and will come out on the other side to a Samesides life.

Below is the link to the recording of my experience on stage through “Risk! Live Storytelling”, which you can actually download for FREE through iTunes on their website.  My portion of the story is under “Live From Reno 2!” at about the 19:30 minute mark.  My segment has been moved since it came out on their website to the “Listen” menu option.  Click on the Live From Reno 2! link and forward to the 19:30 minute mark.

Much love and encouragement to all of you.  Life is good… now… because I chose to face the deep seeded paradigm that we lived our lives under.  Devon, thank you for coming out to me.  My kids, me… the WORLD is better for it.

Click here for Risk! Live Storytelling Website and the page where my episode is.  Don’t forget to forward to the 19:30 minute mark.

Love, The Reese’s and Their Pieces

5 thoughts on “Emily Spills the Deets

  1. Heard your story on RISK! It is very moving . . . I too, am a christian (not sure if you still are) and your message on unconditional love really hit it out of the park!

    • Thank you for saying so. I appreciate your comment very much. I do consider myself a Christian… but it does not at all look like what many think it should look like. I stick to the letters in red. Most of the other stuff, while mostly good, is NOT from Jesus’ mouth. So, my walk looks different than what many think it should look like. Blessings to you. I hope that in all things people can experience true unconditional love. It’s pretty neato.

  2. I just listened to your RISK live performance and I was blown away by the beautiful honesty you exhibited. I was impressed with the bravery it takes to share such a personal story, but even more so by the beautiful lesson that you have taken away from the experience. I’m sure that it was a long time coming, but the fact that you were able to find such a profound and good meaning in all of it is simply breathtaking. I am so grateful for the chance to hear your experience and I have to honestly thank you for sharing it.

    • Wow. Your comment is just… wow. Thank you.

      It’s cool being open to sharing stuff because I get to be blessed by knowing that it helps others.

      And it just makes me more willing to be as honest as I am capable of being.

      Thank YOU for encouraging ME.


  3. Thank you so much for telling your story with such honesty and compassion. It is a beautiful tale, skillfully told. I feel that I have “met” you in hearing it- so much of your soul is recorded there. The love that you have found for yourself and for your family is truly inspiring to me. I hope that you are healthy and happy.


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