March: A Month of Awesomeness

marchmadnessMarch is quite a doozy of a month in my world.  Here’s the cool stuff that March entails:

1) It’s my birthday on March 12th and this year I turned 40.  The funny thing about birthdays is that I’m TERRIBLE at remembering other people’s birthdays.  I’ve been known to almost forget my kids’ birthdays, and have completely blown off my best friend’s birthday before.  However, when it comes to mine, I expect a month of celebrations.  Selfish?  Yep.  Shameless?  Absolutely.happybirthdaycupcakes2)  March is National Women’s History Month.  I love empowering women. WeCanDoItWonderwoman

3)  March Madness is in full swing.  Love me some basketball!basketball_hoop-9774) March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month.  Hey, I have Colon Cancer for a second time and I’m all about spreading awareness.  Get your bums checked, people!  The procedure is no big deal at all and early detection is the best way to prevent Colon Cancer.  Don’t wait ’til you’re 50.  That’s ridiculous.  Colon Cancer is on the rise and I got diagnosed at 37… With no real high risk of family history.Blue-ribbon25)  Sunday, March 23rd, is my big Wig Out! event.  It is an event that will help raise funds for my Three Little Birds and me during my time of being laid off from work due to chemo treatments.  It’s going to be a blast and I want all of my friends and family to attend.  The following website is a way for you to participate if you aren’t in the Reno area but would like to help out: Emily’s Gofundme Page.  On the site, you can catch up on my story and what our needs are.  Please spread the word.  To everyone.  Cancer does not discriminate and the disease can really cause hardship.  I am confident that my needs will be met, but I’m not afraid to ask for help.  The need is real and I intend, like I always do, to help others in the future.catinwigMarch rocks.  I love my life.  I hope you love yours, too.

Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,

Emily and My Three Little BirdsEMILY'S FLYER-1

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