Fighting Cancer, Which I am Thankful For!

EmilyWithCoolWigToday is the day that I released my own Gofundme page.

I am currently in my second battle with Colon Cancer.  The battle is already won, because the tumors are gone, but I must endure another 6 months of chemo.

Some people might think that this totally sucks.  But…

Cancer has been a blessing.

My life is wonderful, and I’m feeling the love.  Be sure to keep up with my daily thankfulness posts, located under the “365 Days of Thankfulness.”  It’s my unique way of documenting my journey through this round of cancer.  Click here to begin reading: January

If you would like to contribute to my three little birds and me, we need help getting through the next 6 months.  Any little thing helps as I was laid off from my job due to not being able to fulfill my teaching duties full time in my awesome charter school, which serves an at-risk population of teenagers.  I am not bitter, because I know that my school cannot afford to pay my salary plus a full time sub.  I will return to work in the Fall, but until then, I need to replace my lost income.

Click here to go to my Gofundme page and you can get the full scoop.  Emily’s Wig Out!

Thanks to all of you who have been sending me encouraging words.  My love tank spills over, and I am blessed.


Emily Reese and My Three Little Birds


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