I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

HONESTYHonesty.  Transparency.  Strength.  Perseverance.  Overcoming fear.  These are themes Devon and I have faced in all areas regarding our relationship, divorce and communicating between the two of us (and with you!).  However, the effects of these themes and handling them to the best of our ability with our kids have been amazing.  This Father’s Day, 2013, I read an article by a blogger for the Huffington Post, and I swear, it was something we could have written, though I doubt with such eloquence and poignancy.

Be as honest as you possibly can be with your kids.  Don’t wait ’til they’re adults.  Kids can handle way more than we give them credit for.  They are also quicker to forgive us than we are at forgiving ourselves.

Just come hang out with ours.  Their awesomeness will blow your minds.

Thanks, Seth Taylor, for writing this piece.

Huffington Post Link. Happy Father’s Day!

Devon, Emily, Maddie, Kate and Thomas Reese (and Felipe… duh!)

Felipe, Devon, Maddie, Kate and Thomas in San Fran

Felipe, Devon, Maddie, Kate and Thomas in San Fran


Great Scott!


Great Scott!  Our final column that we write for the Reno Tahoe Tonight magazine just came out online.  We decided to make it our last column because we feel that the most important parts of our story have been told… in short form.  The things we shared in all of our previous columns were pertinent to the current LGBT issues of the day.  We could share more, which will be forthcoming in our book, but the topics in the RTT were exactly what we needed to write about for the time being.  We are so blessed by knowing Oliver X and his encouragement to tell our story.

The final column for Same Sides is titled BrokeBack to the Future.  In it, I take a ride in Doc’s DeLorean back to my past.  I compare the movie Brokeback Mountain to my own experience (there are some shocking similarities along with major differences) and decide that I’m blessed that Devon had the courage to come clean with me.

Click on the link below, turn to page 100, and enjoy the ride.  DeLoreans rock, almost as much as my own life now.



Emily and Devon

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