Kiss My Big White Butt

That’s it.  I’m actually going to write a post with a little anger behind it.

Generally, I try to keep all of my posts super positive, as you can tell if you’ve ever read anything we’ve written here.  Our main goal with this blog is to encourage, but maybe through what I’m about to say, you will backhandedly be encouraged.

I’ve been receiving some negative feedback lately in comments and emails to Samesides about my changed stance on homosexuality.  It’s a super hot button right now, which is fine, but I think because our story is branching out into local and national publications, the trollers are starting to pick us up on their radar.

I’m learning to not get butt-hurt, which is tough for me because I’m a people-pleaser at heart.

I have heard in some form or another several times recently that our children appear happy, or that it’s fake happiness.  Apparently this is because Maddie, Kate and Thomas have two gay daddies and myself, a fairly recent Ally.  God’s Word has been used against us, sometimes in subtle ways that I know is written from the heart of people who probably really do care.  Other times, it’s been downright nasty and overtly judgmental.


And I mean “whatever” as in kiss my big white butt.

I’m sorry… Have you lived my life?  Have you talked with my children?  Has your husband or child ever come out of the closet?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then maybe we can have an adult conversation about this.  Otherwise, you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Period.

I’m guessing, if you don’t surround and shelter yourself with people who are exactly like you in every way, which is many people’s want, you know people who are in:

1) heterosexual marriages that are happy and healthy with amazing children.  Christian or not.

2) heterosexual marriages that are happy and healthy with screwed up kids. Christian or not.

3) single-parent families with children who are happy and healthy. Christian or not.

4) single-parent families with children who are royally screwed up. Christian or not.

5) same-sex parents with children who are happy and healthy. Christian or not.

6) same-sex parents with children who are royally screwed up. Christian or not.

7) divorced parents with children who are happy and healthy.  Christian or not.

8) divorced parents with children who are screwed up. Christian or not.

9) Do you get my point?  You should.  Otherwise, stop reading right now.  And don’t even bother commenting.  It’s my blog and I can block you and your comments forever and ever.  Amen.

I’m not even going to discuss gay marriage right now.  I don’t really care what anyone thinks of it, simply because why the hell does it matter if people do or don’t get married?  Let people get married if they want to.  Marriage ain’t easy, and divorce really sucks.  No matter who you are.  It can also be wonderful, so have at it.

And don’t give me that “brothers are going to start marrying brothers” or “men are going to start marrying little boys” thing.  That’s an argument?  Aren’t things legislated in this country?  That will NEVER pass.  It’s gross and everyone knows it.  If you think two men or two women together is gross, then that’s your own personal idea.  Don’t do it then.

As a side note, most pedophiles identify as heterosexual.  Case closed.

The Ward and June Cleaver thing.  It’s good.  Seriously.  I came from a great traditional home and I turned out awesome.  My parents are still together, love each other, love us, and it’s beautiful.

But so is my life now.  It’s beautiful.  My kids are turning out awesome.  And… they have two dads and me, Wonder Woman.

Will my kids make mistakes?  SURE.  I did.  Could my kids turn out royally screwed up?  I hope not, but they could.

But what does that have to do with our parental situation?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

So let’s just say it like it is, trollers.  You think being gay is wrong.  Perverse. Against God.  Going to hell.


As In, Kiss My Big White Butt,



This is my way of making a statement, with bacon, of course.


20 thoughts on “Kiss My Big White Butt

  1. Great post, as usual, Ms. Reese. (Btw, this morning NPR informed me that Proctor & Gamble is coming out with bacon flavored mouth wash.)

    • Girl, you KNOW I love bacon, but I believe I may actually draw the line at mouth wash. For one, Ewwww! And for two, I may actually drink the stuff, which I’m fairly sure is not healthy.

      • Well, unfortunately it might attract more of these mean cavemen and cavewomen who are so hell bent on harshing the nice mellow of your blog postings.

  2. We have all heard it said, “do what is best for the children”. You are the only divorced parents I know who really work hard at doing just that. You rock. You know it. The people who know you know it, and too bad for the people who don’t.

    • Yes, too bad for those who don’t. I sincerely have done my best to be quiet about the crap that I hear and see, but today I needed to puke on the computer screen. I feel much better. Love to you and your family, Shelley, from Devon, Felipe, the kids and me.

  3. I am going to swear here….but I fucking love your blog and this one was spot fucking on. Thank you so much Emily! You were able to say what I wanted to say to another friend and her uber conservative, Bible preaching buddies on Facebook, but it wouldn’t have come out as nicely as you said your piece.

  4. Emily – Great job!! There will always be haters. Everyone who is important to you and your AMAZING family know that your kids are freaking studs & studettes and all 3 of you are great role models and parents. Be proud. You just can’t please everyone (and who REALLY wants to?). The good news is if they are talking about you then they are thinking about you. You win. Keep up the great work.

  5. oh my honey — it is getting to the grappling time on this issues. People have felt comfy NOT dealing with it and now they are being forced to on some level. No ignoring it anymore SO MUCH fear has been served up to people and with no context of healthy gay people, families, Christians, they lean towards what they DO know.
    Ugly, ugly mess ahead but those that do not cave will always be resupplied with the good coming back their way from the efforts towards equality.
    It is easy to sit at a keyboard and type nasty stuff. It is when they come fact to face with you and your AWESOM family that they will begin to face the discrimination.
    Just keep moving forward and let them sit still. Some will catch up, some won’t and to the rest . . . so what? K

      • Kathy’s blog is fantastic! It’s entertaining, hilarious, sad, and true. And very interesting. It’s also the best news site I’ve seen (there aren’t as many really interesting ones as you might think). Thank you Emily and Kathy. Hold strong!

  6. See, how interesting, Emily – I can comment as two different people… HA Who am I Jim or Jamie Lee…………As ex – law enforcement, sounds like my words above. I agree! Enough is enough! And this comes from me “The Actor” or maybe Jamie.

  7. My arse is mammoth, it hasn’t ever seen the sun, and certain people can kiss it. Not you, though, J and J. You are awesome! Stop by, both of you (-: anytime!


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