Beautiful Woman


What a great month this is, especially TODAY.

Today I celebrate women.  Women who’ve made a difference in the lives of others and our society.  Women like Amelia Earhart, Dorthea Dix and Alice Paul.  I love learning about women in history.  There hasn’t been enough taught about females to people in our society, and those women serve as inspirations to my own daughters, who will be amazing leaders someday.

But it is the moms in this world who deserve some recognition today, not just on Mother’s Day.

I’m thinking of my own mom, of course.  Her name might not be written in historical documents, but who would I be today without her?  I mean, if it weren’t for her egg, her womb, her effort to push me out, her natural ability to feed me from her body, I wouldn’t be here today.  She taught me to persevere through difficulties… and let me tell you, I’ve had some of those.

When I was sobbing uncontrollably in the middle of the night in bed by myself last year, feeling terrified and alone after my cancer diagnosis, she heard me.  She came to my room, just like she did when I was little, curled up beside me and held me.  She showed her undying strength and love through her own ability as a mom to comfort her scared little girl.  Only moms know how to do that.  She held me for a long time.  My mom came to stay many times during chemo last year and was tender and attentive.  Just having her with me was enough to give me the strength I needed to make it through those horrible months.

I want my own kids to see me as a pillar of awesomeness in history.  When things get tough, I remember that they are watching.  Their own lives will be affected by my example, for good or ill, when they are adults.  I hope they see the good and accept my failings as human so they can emulate the positive things and accept themselves for their own failings because of my example.  This is why I push them to be real, as I try to be real and open, so that the things I stand for, like LGBT rights and serving others, will show them that they really can do anything.  This is why I write about my experiences with Devon coming out of the closet and my cancer, so they can have documentation of my strength and transparency.  Perseverance was taught to me by my own mother, and I intend to pass on that legacy to my kids.

So you, Beautiful Woman reading this:  Know that you are a part of history.  You are affecting future women with your strength, inner beauty and perseverence.  Celebrate with me as I tip my favorite derby hat to you and all women who make a difference in the lives of others.

You are a part of this special day and everyday.

Blessings, Emily


March is National Women’s History Month and today is set aside as International Women’s History Day, March 8, 2013.  Women are the shiznit.


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