The #1 Question Asked

ImageThe third installment of our column Same Sides just came out digitally in the Reno Tahoe Tonight magazine.  It’s called “The Announcement” and in it I answer the question that we get asked the most:  How did your kids handle everything?

Click on the link below and turn to page 82.  Read it, but don’t weep.  We’re not.  We’re smiling and so are the kids.  Like, all the time.

Also, tune in this Saturday, January 5, 2013, to KJFK 1230AM radio for the House of Savoy Show.  Devon, myself and Kathy Baldock (founder of Canyon Walker Connections) are interviewed about our story and LGBT issues in the Christian world.  You can also listen to the live streaming of it via internet at the same time at  It was a beautiful interview and Sean Savoy is an amazing man.  Find him at

Blessings and Transparency,

Emily and Devon


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