Way Cool

Hot off the presses!

It’s here! The November Issue of Reno Tahoe Tonight, including the new column that Devon and I are writing. Click below, turn to page 79, enjoy, and share with your friends! Check out the great pics of Devon and me as Ward and June Cleaver. Thanks, Oliver Ex. Woo-hoo!

Same Sides Column Reno Tahoe Tonight


Devon and Emily


4 thoughts on “Way Cool

  1. Old maid age of 21?? *gulps* But I’m twenty three and I haven’t been dating for four yearsss.. What does that make me?? *cries* That was a great read by the way! Love the picture!

    • You are so sweet. It’s not that 21 is old, it’s that I had never really dated anyone before Devon. That’s pretty old for having a first boyfriend… you’re way ahead of me. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. You are beautiful, girl!


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