Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie. If your nose grows, then I’ll know.

Here are two truths about me this past week:  I got offered a full time teaching position to teach English to high school students, last minute, with only a few days to prep before the first day of school.  Secondly, the type of school that I’m working for is a charter school, and one that serves a population that consists of many at-risk kids (at-risk meaning close to dropping out, discipline issues, couldn’t make it in traditional public schools because of academic/discipline problems or just weren’t getting their needs met in a regular ol’ high school).

One lie is that I hate it.  That’s a total lie, ‘cuz I absolutely love it.  It’s my dream job.  I substituted long-term there last year and came to the realization that this is my dream job.  Not only do the students get to be themselves in a school like this, so do I.  I can even wear jeans, my favorite pageboy hat and my fake gauge earrings.  Yep, I’m pretty dang blessed.

So, until this weekend, when I have a little more time to catch up on blogging for SameSides and finish up Thomas’ interview for the next post, I thought I’d check in with you and give you a fun little activity to comment on.

The first day of classes, I played a game with the students to try to get to know them a wee bit.  The game is called “Two Truths and a Lie.”  I had the students write down their three items, hand the paper into me, and I read them out loud to the class.  People had to guess who they thought it was and then they had to guess which one was the lie.  It was pretty fun, actually, and it gave me some insight into each of their lives (some were quite shocking) as well as some insight into their creativity.

So, gimme a list of your own “Two Truths and a Lie” in the comments below.  I’ll try to guess them throughout the next couple of days.  You can let me know if I’m right.

Here’s mine to get the ball rolling:

1.  I’ve been to Australia.  It was the very first time I was ever on a plane in my life.

2.  I love Squeezable Bacon in a bottle.  It’s a great substitute for the real thing in a pinch.

3. is actually a really great way to put yourself out there in the dating world.  I’ve really enjoyed my experience on there so far.

Which one’s the lie?  Then tell me your three items.  Go!

Blessing, Truths and Lies,


You know how much I love Mark Twain. Remember? I want to have his babies.  He said tons of things about lying.  Here’s one:  “Lie–an abomination before the Lord and an ever present help in time of trouble.”



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