The Devil Wears Bacon

My fetishes. Perhaps a scene including bacon in the Playroom would be hot.

So, obviously I have many fetishes.  Some of them I’ve made clear on this blog.  Things like baldness, Lord of the Rings, sweating and hairy armpits, poop humor, The Office, dead animals and Therapy Wine.  Here are some you don’t know about:  flossing, Godfather’s Pizza, popping pimples, pumpkin pie and Fleetwood Mac.

But the biggest one is bacon.  Bacon is at the top of my list.

So while I wait for Devon to finish the blog post that he’s currently working on, which is bound to be mind-blowing, I thought I’d post something mindless and silly.  I don’t know who I should give credit to for the following bacon activity, but it was not my idea.  However, it is so freakin’ addicting, fun and funny, that I had to share it somewhere other than Facebook.

Play along.  Make exhaustive lists.  The possibilities are endless.

Replace one word from a movie title with the word “BACON”

That’s it.  It’s easy.  So, like the title to this blog post, replace “Prada” with “Bacon”.  Also as an example: The Girl With The Bacon Tattoo.

Have fun.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Please humor me in the comments below.  I love to laugh.

Blessings and Bacon,



39 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Bacon

  1. Close Encounters of the Bacon Kind
    Fried Green Bacon (ewwwwww….)
    Dude, Where’s My Bacon?
    How Stella Got Her Bacon Back
    Bacon Everlasting

    …oh yes, this is SO much more fun than work…


    • Awesome, Ralph. Of course, I’ve been thinking of a million since I wrote this blog this morning:

      The Neverending Bacon
      The Bacon Crystal, or The Dark Bacon, or just Bacon Bacon Bacon
      My Dog, Bacon or My Bacon, Skip
      The Fox and The Bacon
      Beauty and the Bacon, or Bacon and the Beast
      Snow White and the Bacon Dwarves

      Do you see how addicting this is, Ralph? Please share this with other bloggers. They are missing out.

  2. Star wars. the bacon strikes back
    the wizard of bacon
    The day the bacon stood still
    Star Bacon. The uncharted territory
    The bacons of St Trinians
    Bacon and Juliet
    The Gladibacon
    Top Bacon
    The Invisible bacon
    Dr bacon and Mr bacon
    Sesame bacon
    The muppets from bacon

  3. 10 Things I Hate About Bacon
    The Color Bacon
    Gone with the Bacon
    Bacon of Arabia
    A Bacon for All Seasons
    Bend It Like Bacon
    Analyze Bacon
    Play Bacon for Me
    Guess Who’s Coming for Bacon
    The Spy Who Loved Bacon
    Eternal Sunshine of the Bacon Mind
    Farewell, My Bacon

    • As long as we can have some bacon. I actually think there’s a way to make cups and other dishes out of BACON. Yes… Yes… Instead of FiestaWare, it will be called BaconWare. And you’d never have to do another dish again, besides the pans you use to cook the bacon.

      Fetish much, Emily?

  4. Maybe I missed it, Sis. But seriously:
    The Fellowship of the Bacon
    The Bacon Towers
    The Return of the Bacon.

    Some of my other favorite movies:
    Men in Bacon
    (not a movies, but still) Bacon and Butthead
    Raiders of the Lost Bacon
    Indiana Bacon and the Last Crusade
    The Temple of Bacon
    X-Bacon (that’s from Isaac)
    The Bacon Singer
    BatBacon Begins
    Cloudy with a Chance of Bacon (Naomi’s)
    Star Wars: the Phantom Bacon (Isaac)
    Star Wars: A New Bacon (Isaac)
    Star Wars: Return of the Bacon (Isaac)
    Star Wars: Attack of the Bacon (Isaac)

    …This is a great family activity….

    • Lora, I wish people in the blog world could know you personally. We had way too much fun growing up, despite my lack of respect for asking to borrow your clothes. Iowa is the pig capital of the world, so is it any wonder I have a bacon fetish? So glad sweet Naomi and Isaac chimed in. We could extend this activity to our children’s favorite books. Go for it.

      Love you, Sis. Can’t wait for Napa. I’ll bring plenty of bacon.

  5. Ok. The Dark Bacon Rises. I just saw that one. It’s the only film I have in my brain at the moment. Gone with the Bacon. This is fun. It makes you laugh, doesn’t it? The Spider Bacon. Meet Joe Bacon….I’m laughing.

    • I know. I will probably add more to the list a year from now. Seriously.

      Bacon Dirt
      Bacon and Dumber
      Bacon Story, or Toy Bacon
      A Bacon’s Life
      The Lovely Bacon
      The Bacon Element

      Shall I continue?

      The Bacon: Reloaded
      Thelma and Bacon
      Debbie Does Bacon

      Love you, Amy. Ask Dave if he can think of some. It’s hysterical. Hell, even your kids can participate.

  6. Bacon Actually
    A Bacon’s Life
    The Brave Bacon
    Freaky Bacon
    The inner Bacon
    G.I. Bacon or BAcon Jane
    Mystic Bacon
    Second Hand Bacon
    Mean Bacon or Bacon Girls
    Baconless (Clueless)
    The Sound of Bacon
    The Bacon of Music
    Planes Trains and Bacon
    Cool Baconnings
    Bacon Potter and the Sorcerers Bacon
    Harry Bacon and the Chamber of Bacon
    Harry Bacon and Deathly Bacon
    Harry Bacon and the Order of Bacon
    Harry Bacon and the goblet of Bacon
    Harry Bacon and the Bacon Prisoner of Bacon
    Harry Bacon and the Half Blood Bacon
    Alibacon and the 40 Bacons
    Bacon on the Side
    BaconPlan or Flight Bacon
    The Aristobacons
    Crocodile Dunbacon
    Bacon Impossible
    Bacon Spray
    Big Bacon
    Bacon Alone

    • DEB! I must give you public credit for being the one who posted this activity to my Facebook in the first place. It has been my favorite bacon post of all times. I owe you my right pinky toe.

      Love to you,

  7. This is what came to mind immediately:

    The Bacon Knight Rises
    Bacon Club
    To Bacon Thanks For Everything
    Gone With The Bacon
    The Bacon King
    How Harry Became A Bacon
    Bacon Kingdom.
    Heh. Can’t Wait to see Moonrise Kingdom later!

    Close to two in the morning now. This game is so much more fun than sleeping! Haha

    • Rynn-

      Wait ’til you start exchanging road sign words for “bacon”. It gets borderline ridiculous. And you just… can’t… stop!

      Yield For Bacon
      Bacon For Pedestrians
      Bacon Crossing
      Bacon Avenue, Street, Circle, yadda, yadda, yadda

      • Look Bacon
        Keep off the bacon
        No baconing in this restaurant
        Bacon works ahead
        Max height 20 feet. Low bacon.
        Give way to bacon on the right
        Bacon at work
        Give bacon to pedestrians
        All bacon turn left

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