We Love You, Daddy

Basically, the kids’ summer calendar is even busier than their school-year calendar.  On this Father’s Day, 2012, the girls and I are in Las Vegas sweating our keisters off during a softball tournament.  Thomas is with Felipe their step-dad in the Bay Area for a football camp, impressing the socks off of his future NFL coaches.  Poor Daddy is at home in Reno all by himself.  I think it’s starting to make him sad.  Here’s a love list for Devon to read that I put together with the kids.  Maddie, Kate and I composed it after I interviewed Thomas over the phone today.  Blessings, Emily

To the Calendar King of Reno:

Here are a few things that the kids want to tell you, Devon.  Of course, I had to put a snarky comment after each one because it is my duty to do so as your ex-wife.  They love and miss you, but after writing this with them, it kind of seems like every day is Father’s Day in their minds.  You’ll understand this once you read what they have to say.

To The Daddy Who Knows Everything About Everything, You Need to Know These Things, Too:

1.  Maddie:  You’re an amazing shopping partner, like when we visited Forever 21 together. You’re quite the fashion maven so Kate and I went with your opinions on what clothes flattered us.  We didn’t believe that you were right at first, but when we looked up your reasoning later on the Internet, we realized… you really do know everything about everything.  Plus, you did work at Gantos.  Duh.

(You should write about your Devon-isms and Fred-isms in a post very soon, Dev.  “Gantos” is just the tip of the iceberg.  Write something.  Anything.)

2.  Maddie:  You’re a horrible singer, but we love it.  Like the time when you were singing Starships and you changed the words from “Starships were meant to fly” to “Starships were meant to cry.”  Those moments always crack me up.  Besides the fact that you usually belt out the wrong words, you’re tone-deaf.  It’s very entertaining.  Please go on American Idol.  You may just get famous, like that one Asian dude several years ago.

(You still insist that you can sing?  However, keep singing, even though others tell you differently.  It shows your confidence.)

3.  Maddie:  I appreciate the fact that you care about our personal hygiene.  As you know, Mom isn’t a stickler about cleanliness, and while Kate and Thomas might not like it, I accept your pseudo-OCD with open arms.  I’m a lot like you, apparently.  I think it’s a good thing.

(I’m pretty sure that in the summer, a day at the pool counts as a bath.  However, I will choose my battles wisely with you and will try to make sure that they shower at least half of the time that they’re at my house, not just once a week.  It’s my Father’s Day gift to you… the gift that keeps on giving.)

4.  Maddie:  I love how you stuck by Mom and were so patient while she was sick this last year.  I know it wasn’t easy for you and Felipe to take over full time with the three of us, but you were awesome and it really helped Mommy out.  I love you so much.

(This topic could be an entire book.  I’ll use the title of the article I wrote for the RTT, “Fighting Cancer With Rainbows”, with Oliver’s permission, of course.  Oliver?)

5.  Thomas:  I love it that you’re a clean freak.  You make our lives a lot easier.  A clean house means more quality time hanging out and not just cleaning all the time.

(Thomas starts convulsing when the girls don’t pick up after themselves.  I have you to blame for this.  However, he always offers to help me clean up after dinner…)

6.  Thomas:  I love it that you’re such a sensitive man and that you never hide your personality.  You aren’t even afraid to cry.

(Yes, Thomas really did say this, word-for-word.  Can you believe how amazing he is?  I guess he’s not just a kid with really sexy abs, after all.)

7.  Thomas:  I love it that you’re so comfortable with yourself that you’re not afraid to make fun of yourself.  Your humor helps me to feel better when I don’t feel so happy.

(Your intelligent and silly humor has helped shape our kids into thick-skinned but sensitive people.  I am to blame for their fart-joke obsession, which pleases me to no end.)

8.  Thomas:  I love it that you’re so open-minded.  You help me to see all the sides and options of life.

(Seriously.  I can’t believe this kid is only 9.  He’s so friggin’ awesome.)

9.  Kate:  I love that you are extremely supportive of my sports and academics.  Without you, I would not have been able to participate in All-Star softball. You’ve also taught me the importance of keeping my equipment together.

(Pah-leeze.  You teach me this everyday when you remind me with your equipment checklist of things not to forget.  She has learned a lot from you.  She would be on her fifth softball bat, not just her second, if you hadn’t have helped her.) 

10.  Kate:  I love you because you are very involved in my schoolwork and grades. You help me to be organized and prepared for my schoolwork and assignments.

(She has improved, hasn’t she?  She’s so much like me with her right-brained thinking.  It probably drives you crazy.  That binder was hands-down the best thing you did for her this school year.)

11.  Kate: I love that you smile a lot, because you have a very cute smile.  It helps me smile when I’m down.

(I agree 100%.  You have a great smile.  It’s one of the things that attracted me to you 15 years ago.  That and the fact that you’re a really good dancer who made me Tanqueray and lemonade behind your bar in a to go cup during our shifts at Applebees.)

12.  Kate:  I love that I always know that you always love me.  I can always count on you, like that song that you love which you sang to me:  “You can count on me, like 1 2 3; I’ll be there; And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2;  And you’ll be there;  ‘Cause that’s what dads are supposed to do, oh yeah.”

(Nuff said.)

Yes, Devon, out of the mouths of babes.  They sure do love you.

I know you’re at home by yourself today.  However, you were right when you said that it’s just one day out of the year and “you’ll be fine.”  But seriously, Silly Rabbit, I know your heart doesn’t feel that way.  So even though you’re trying to keep yourself busy by cleaning, organizing, or writing the latest calendar for the day, I know that you’re probably crying.  At least you’re a sensitive man and it’s tears of gratefulness that you are shedding after reading this from your three amazing children.

I’m so thankful we were married and had these cool chick-a-dees.  Happy Father’s Day.

Blessings, Emily

If you have kids and are alone this Father’s Day, 2012, be confident that your kids really do love you with all of their heart.  Happy Father’s Day.  Love, The Reeses and Their Pieces.

Some people think we’re twins, but we are so totally different! -Kate and Maddie

“I’m sexy and I have great abs.” -Thomas


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