Getting To and Staying On the Same Side

Welcome to the world of amicable divorce and getting along with your ex.

Devon and I are not Superman and Wonder Woman, though we’ve both discussed getting those tattoos at one time or another.  We have made our share of mistakes, had our fights, miscommunicated and hurt each other.  Now we are divorced and get along.  Is this possible?  We are here to tell you that yes, it is.  Follow us as we recap the past; you’re welcome to delve into our lives as we move forward amicably, co-parenting and making decisions for our separate but intertwined and amazing existence.

Feel free to ask questions, state your doubts and give your opinions.  We are both open and honest people, seeking to help others by being transparent with those we meet.  We expect respect because we show respect, so we encourage you to pause and think about what you are writing before you hit that “comment” button.  We learned the hard way:  it’s tough to take back harsh or curt words.  Start practicing here on our blog and it will make it easier when you begin difficult but needed communication with your ex or soon-to-be ex.

We have made it through difficult processes and have become better people in the end.  You can, too.

Devon and Emily Reese


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